Sue Weitz (’91)

Sue Weitz

Sue Weitz

Sue Weitz’s passion for Gonzaga is never ending. She came to the University in 1981 as dean of students and for more than three decades worked tirelessly to build a strong community where students had a voice in their education. When Sue retired in 2014, she left a legacy of service to GU students – but she wasn’t done yet.

“Gonzaga gave me a lot, so giving back seemed like the right thing to do,” she said. “I worked with my financial advisor to discover which asset might be best.” Due to the tax benefits, Sue listed Gonzaga as a beneficiary of her TIAA-CREF retirement account. Sue also discussed the gift with her husband and children who gladly stood by her choice.

“It was my decision, but my kids and husband were very excited,” she added. “Both of my children graduated from Gonzaga.”

Sue strongly believes in the education Gonzaga provides. By designating GU as a beneficiary of her 403b retirement account, she will be able to act on that belief for the benefit of future Zags.

“I think it was Fr. Coughlin who said, ‘it’s educating the mind and the heart together,’ and I am such a believer in that,” said Sue. “I’m convinced that Gonzaga gives a better education and I want to help make sure they have the money to do that. I can help students get the type of education I think everyone should get.”

Considering the length of time she spent working in University administration, it was very important to Sue that her future gift be used for unrestricted purposes.

“Whether my gift goes to scholarships, a building, operating costs, or helps keep tuition down – I want to leave that up to the leadership of the institution, because that’s where I sat for so many years.” She added, “No matter what you give to at Gonzaga, the students are going to benefit, and I am all about the students.”