Rick (’67) and Nina Hofmeister

Rick and Nina Hofmeister

Rick and Nina Hofmeister

After graduating from Gonzaga and serving in the U.S. Army, Rick Hofmeister spent 20 years in the investment business as a financial consultant and vice president of Merrill Lynch. He understood the benefits that annuities could have for his clients, so it made perfect sense that he and Nina would consider charitable gift annuities (CGA) for themselves.

“It benefits both the school and the donors,” explained Rick. “We were going to have a tax problem as we were starting to take distributions from our IRAs. To alleviate some of that problem, we decided to contribute to Gonzaga.” The Hofmeisters have funded two gift annuities, which provide them with income now. The amount remaining in the annuities upon their passing will be used to establish the Bud and Cathy Hofmeister Men’s Golf Endowment in honor of Rick’s parents.

Rick’s father was a golf professional in Hayden Lake, Idaho, and Rick practically grew up on the golf course. Gonzaga was the only school Rick considered when it came time for college. After receiving his degree in economics, he entered the military and eventually ended up working at the golf course at Fort Hood in Texas. He and Nina were married in 1969 and they returned to Spokane in 1971.

All three of their children attended Catholic schools, including Gonzaga Prep. Now that their children are grown and Rick and Nina have retired, the Hofmeisters travel the country in an RV, playing golf and collecting quilting squares in each state they pass through.

Rick and Nina decided to give to Gonzaga, even though Nina is a graduate of the University of Maryland. They both strongly believe in the value of Jesuit education, which was what tipped the scales in Gonzaga’s favor.

“We believe in putting your money where your mouth is,” said Nina. “There are kids out there who want to come to GU but can’t financially do it. With Rick having been on the golf team and his father coming to help out, this was a nice way to give back to something that was of interest to Rick and his Dad.”