Nancy Driscoll (’66)

Nancy Driscoll

Nancy Driscoll

There is little doubt that if Nancy Driscoll’s legacy were two colors, they would be Gonzaga blue and red. Her status as a Gonzaga University super fan dates back to her time playing basketball for GU more than 50 years ago and has been going strong ever since.

“My support for GU has evolved over time,” said Nancy, who first established a scholarship in honor of her dear friend, Glo Ross. More recently, Nancy created a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) that provides her with tax benefits and income for the rest of her life. After Nancy passes away, what remains in the trust will be transferred to Gonzaga to support academic and athletic scholarships.

“With this gift, I receive annual income and I can support the University, too,” Nancy explained. “I love my education and giving back feels good. I had a wonderful experience at Gonzaga that made such a difference in my life. To me, I spend money to make a difference in people’s lives and I get so much back just watching what it does. You always get more than you give, as far as I’m concerned.”

Nancy is still actively involved with Gonzaga, both academically and athletically. She audits classes and never misses a women’s basketball game.

“Watching them grow up to become better players and better people is so much fun,” she said. “Having sports in my life was good for me - it was my way of connecting with people and I still get really excited about it. It’s about sportsmanship, succeeding and improving yourself.”

Through her support, Nancy believes she can help give others the opportunity to better themselves and become the service-minded leaders of tomorrow.

“We need people who will lead the next generation and I think it’s important for us who have received an education to continue to give our children and other people’s children an education.”