Mark (’72) and Kathy (’73) Casey

Mark and Kathy Casey

Mark and Kathy Casey

In 1996, Mark and Kathy Casey faced an uncertain future. Mark had fallen ill and needed a bone marrow transplant. He and Kathy created their first will, in which they decided to gift a portion of their estate to Gonzaga University. Nineteen years later, Mark and Kathy have updated their will and increased their original gift amount for GU.

“Our circumstances are very different now,” said Mark. “Our kids are grown and self-sufficient. We’ve done well and now we want to give back.”

Gonzaga has been a particularly special place for Mark and Kathy, who first met at GU while pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Mark went on to graduate from Gonzaga Law School and the Caseys have remained close to the University ever since.

“It’s a wonderful atmosphere in every way,” Kathy said. “We are so proud to come back because it feels like home.”

“There’s always been a real sense of community here,” agreed Mark. His Gonzaga experience was largely influenced by Fr. Frank Costello, who was a friend, teacher, and mentor to him. The Caseys have decided to direct their future gift to benefit the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship, established in honor of Fr. Costello.

Kathy added, “We are proud to give back because we see students now are having the same feelings we did more than 40 years ago - that this is their home, their community and their Jesuit-inspired education.”

Kathy’s uncle, Fr. John “Jack” Evoy, S.J. (’36, ’37), was a beloved Jesuit and Psychology professor at GU. He received the Distinguished Alumni Merit Award in 1992 and was the director of the Mater Dei Institute.

“Gonzaga gave us the opportunity to do what we’ve done,” said Mark. “The Jesuit teachings emphasize giving back and being a good steward in your community. I have taken that to heart. As our generation gets into our 60s, it’s important to start thinking about the legacy we want to leave. If you have the means, I think you ought to consider Gonzaga as a beneficiary of your estate.”