Planned Giving

You are our Heritage. Your Legacy is our Future.

Most of us, if given the chance, would like to leave some kind of lasting legacy to show that our lives made a difference; that in some way, we contributed to an important work or cause that benefited future generations.

In the past, only a privileged few could create such legacies. But today, with tax-favored ways of giving, many more of us can participate in this adventure and experience the intense joy that comes from being able to make a difference.

Plan How (and When) To Make Your Gift.

Take a look at the different options that you think may work best.

Life Insurance

Most popular ways to give this asset:

Meet Our Donors

Our generous donors share why making a planned gift is meaningful and important to them.

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Heritage Society

Our Heritage Society recognizes the generosity of participants in our planned giving program.

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